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  • Development of the Second Global Malaria Action Plan
  • The first joint RBM and STOPTB civil society workshop
  • Southern Africa starts a race against malaria

23 April 2014 : - The Roll Back Malaria Partnership has initiated the process of developing the second Global Malaria Action Plan (GMAP2) for the period 2016-2025. The crafting of the GMAP2 is taking a highly participatory approach involving stakeholders from across the RBM constituencies, including Governments, Bilateral & Multilateral Agencies, Foundations, Research & Academia, Civil Society and the Private Sector. Regional consultations are already underway, whilst key informant interviews and country level consultations are set to commence soon. The process is being overseen by the GMAP2 Task Force, and closely coordinated with the elaboration of the WHO Global Technical Strategy for Malaria. The GMAP2 will provide a global framework for action around which partners can coordinate their efforts to control and eliminate malaria. It is being developed to guide the financing and implementation of the Global Technical Strategy. Click here to participate in the process of creating the GMAP2 document.

16 April, Harare, ZIMBABWE : - More than 30 Civil society and CCM representatives from Botswana, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Sudan, Namibia, Rwanda, Gambia, Kenya, Somalia , and Nigeria examined human rights, gender and community systems strengthening in the first joint RBM and STOPTB civil society workshop in Harare. They identified barriers to equitable access to malaria and TB services and reviewed the challenges of their meaningful participation in Country Coordinating Mechanisms CCMs and the New Funding Model processes.

14 April 2014, Lilongwe, MALAWI: - South Africa is once again gearing up for the "Racing Against Malaria" initiative (RAM 2), a car rally that passes through eight countries in the South Africa Development Community (SADC) to promote malaria control and elimination efforts in the region. Between April 14 and April 25 (World Malaria Day), the race from Lilongwe to Odnjiva (Angola) will bring together all malaria control programme teams from the region, as well as their key partners and stakeholders. At various stops in cross-border districts, partners will stress the importance of testing for, treating and tracking malaria cases in cross-border initiatives, aimed at malaria elimination.

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